To unify the physician community and
advocate for their collective interests

The Community Aligned Association of Physicians (CAAP) is an independent physicians organization (IPA) of well over 700 providers dedicated to providing cost-effective, top quality medical services to residents, businesses and industry in a geographic area of approximately 2100 square miles around Athens. CAAP's physicians also participate in many managed care programs and cover nearly every specialty.

Organizational Commitment

As a provider-owned and operated physician organization, CAAP's sole purpose is to support its physician members and the patients of Athens, Clarke and surrounding counties.

We offer services and support to Physicians to assist in enhancing the economic viability of their practices and are committed to their continuous improvement and success. Through programs such as Managed Care, Marketing, Discount Purchases, Communications Services and Resources we are helping our physician membership navigate an ever challenging healthcare environment.


Established in 1992, the organization was formed to respond to employer's needs for:

Lowering health care costs.
Improving efficiency through better management and coordination of care.
Broadening geographic access to physicians.
Assuring high quality through focused, stringent credentialing processes.

CAAP is proud to offer the largest Physician-owned network participating in any managed care program in its service area. By utilizing the network, payors and employers may enjoy the advantage of a product that provides them with immediate access to health care cost savings, better management and coordination of care, and enables them to seek care from the participating physician provider of their choice.

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